30 years riding IT – part2

Year 1982, “mathematics 1st” second lesson: I meet Massimo, the red haired boy that will share my professional destiny for next 15 years.

Massimo owned an amazing programmable pocket calculator Hewlett Packard 41-CV.

“Calculator” is definitively a too modern term to define this strange tool that in order to do (1 + 2)*3 require you input 1 enter 2 enter + 3 *; this is called RPN (reverse polish notation). But the most amazing features of hp41cv where the HUGE memory (2233 bytes!), the capability of remember something like 300 steps of code and last but not least an alphanumeric display. Ok, alpha not so much, but surely numeric!



So, after a Christmas selling Hi-Fi in my father’s shop I got enough money to by my first programmable device (second hand, but in good shape).

My HP41cv was fantastic, with its “crunching” keybord.

With this archaic device I‘ve been initiated to the art of “quasi-computer” programming.


…to be continued

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