Want to manage large projects?

Several  companies needs to manage large and complex projects with hundreds of task and dependencies.
Moreover they would like to see the gantt history in time, in particular the baselines.

The just released Twproject 6.3 includes a faster version of jQuery Gantt editor with a time slider to inspect the project evolution.

I found the time necessary to align open source jQuery Gantt editor with the latest version available on Twproject and I’m proud to share it with you.

Whats new:

  • Speed! in case of projects with hundred of tasks the previous version was a little bit slow. This was mainly caused by the drawing of the graphical part, the SVG part. The previous version redraw the complete gantt, while the new one redraw the visible rows only. In a project with 400 task this approach is 300% faster.
  • Project baselines: the best approach to keep a project going is to keep task dates up-to-date. Sometime you would like to see what was planned at the beginning. Twproject records statistical data (dates, progress, costs, hours spent and much more) for every task. Daily. So we can supply the information to see the project overall status in the past. I introduced this capability to the open source version too. This section requires a server side integration in order to work.

  • You can now decide if the parent task will automatically shrink to the shorter duration possible.
    A new property has been included on GantMaster to activate it
  • Zoom and time scale drawers has been heavily refactored
  • Moreover we closed every open issue on GitHub

Unfortunately the two versions was quite far so I changed most of js files 🙁





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